Friday, January 4, 2008

Rebatching Tip week One

Tomorrow is soap day. We have quite a few orders for Bases! We are so pleased to share our recipe with you. Together we are making beautiful soap possible throughout.

I have the itch to create new soaps right now. The wonderful thing about rebatching is it allows us to have instant gratification during soap making. I just love the freedom it gives us to create new soaps and be able to try them within the hour rather than six weeks later. We are able to offer a large variety frequently because of this process.

I will try to list a weekly tip on rebatching or Soap Making starting today. We are certainly not experts but we have learned the technique over the past few years. We have been rebatching since the beginning of our soap experience.

Even though rebatching allows us to use our soap quickly, you need to have some level of patience during the process. If you try to rebatch your soap on an open flame in a kettle too quickly it will burn! Not to mention is makes a mess and I think your not even suppose to use soap with Cast Iron, which might be the same as cooking it in it, maybe. :-) I use the microwave. It is quick and melts pretty evenly with the right liquid levels. I find the older the soap is the longer and harder it is to rebatch it. This is why we like to have our bases arrive to you shortly after they are created. This allows you to have the easiest rebatching experience and the smoothest bars possible.

But remember to always have fun and Experiment! Soap making truly is an art form.

Feel free to share tips with us too!

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