Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pudleduk is opening to the public!

After a couple months searching we have found a new home for Pudleduk. Starting some time in January customers can find us on Maple Street in Vassalboro. It will be a work studio/retail outlet for customers to stop by at.

Our hours will be Wednesday - Saturday 8 am - 2 pm (winter hours)
We may be there at additional times but never for sure.

We will let you all know when we open!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Website!!

After much work and research and lots of help from we have finally updated our website to reflect us and our products.

Check it out, we are very proud of the newly added features!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Rebatching Tip Week Two

Hello everyone! This is the Weekly Rebatching Tip.

I thought I would go into detail about how to rebatch using the Microwave Method today. This is a long post taking you step by step through the process.

Step one:

Weigh your soap out. This is an optional step but for me I like to weigh so I know I am getting an even amount. In my bowl I can melt a little over two pounds. Today I did 1lb 4.5 oz which makes four good size bars.

Step Two:

Place the soap pieces in a large bowl at least double the size of the soap you place into it (the Soap will bubble). If the soap is super fresh you do not need to cut it up. T
he older the base is the smaller the pieces should be for a more even melting base.

Step Three:

Microwave on High for four minutes. This is how it will look when it comes out after four minutes.
Step Four:

Take soap out of microwave and fold soap into itself. Be sure to break up soap chunks with spatula. Continue to microwave for an additional two minutes, stopping if it bubbles up too much. The first picture is what the soap will look like coming out of the microwave. The second is a photo of what the soap will look like after your stir it with a spatula.

Step Five:

The soap base we used was a week old so it was ready to add our essential oils and Calendula Flowers after six minutes in the microwave. You can add anything you would like at this point. The more liquid you add the longer it will take to dry.
Step Six:

It is ready to go into the mold. I like to use a silicon 8 loaf mold for our soaps. You can use anything from Tupperware to a lined box. I use Vitamin E oil to coat the mold, Once is enough for a few batches.

Step Seven:

After the soap is hard, take it out of the mold. At this point I like to trim it up and make it look a little nicer. Sometimes rebatched soap can look a little to rustic for me.
Here is the finished soap!

As always feel free to ask questions!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


We live by the motto "What goes on your Body, Goes in your Body". Which is so true.
Our Skin is our largest organ. It absorbs everything we put on it and allows it to seep into our system. I hate the idea of filling our bodies with more toxins. I mean we really do deal with enough from Environmental pollution and the such.
You should always know what is in your beauty products and generally if you cannot pronounce it or there are more than eight letter research it to know EXACTLY what it is.
But remember just because it is Natural does not mean it is better, I mean Arsenic is Natural but we do not want that in anything we put on our bodies.
Even a simple ingredient like Alcohol can be toxic to our skin. It strips the skin's natural layer, which makes us more open to bacteria. Yuck! Think about that the next time you spray your favorite Body Spray all over you.
Let's not forget about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ployethyelene Glycol (PEG). Pull out your favorite lotion or Beauty product and check out the ingredients. If it contains SLS or PEG; do yourself a favor and walk over to the garbage and throw it right into the can. Your skin will Thank You! The worst news is SLS is found in 90% of Beauty Products bought. You will not find SLS in any of our products by the way.

What is SLS?
Well it is a common ingredient also found in Car Wash, Floor Cleaners anything that foams. It creates really great bubbles that gives the illusion that it must be working. I mean look at all of those fab bubbles they must be doing something right?!?!? Eeeks!
Now for the Big one Ployethyelene Glycol also known as PEG and often followed by a number ex. PEG-8. This chemical is believed to increase your chances of Cancer including Breast Cancer! It is also known for promoting acne.
Let's not forget about Petrlotum commonly found in lotions derived from Mineral Oil. This chemical is believed to cause prematures Aging when used long term.

So go to your current products and check them out. Do they contain these ingredients? If so, consider replacing them with more natural, safer products that promote health and actually repair your skin rather than pollute it with hidden toxins.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

SNS at Etsy

Welcome Saturday Night. It is the evening for shopping at Etsy. Every week we like to participate in the SNS (Saturday Night Special) Promotion that is being offered by several Etsians through out the site.

Tonight we are taking 15% off of purchases Plus an extra Bonus for those interested in purchasing Salves.

So head on over to to take advantage of our sale. You can also click on the link to the left of the screen <-------------Also be sure to check out the other great Indie Artists as well!

Here is a link to the SNS thread that tells you all the fab shops that are offering sales tonight.

I'm off to go shopping too! I have my eye on some Custom scratch Tickets. How fun would that be to hand out to out Customers!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rebatching Tip week One

Tomorrow is soap day. We have quite a few orders for Bases! We are so pleased to share our recipe with you. Together we are making beautiful soap possible throughout.

I have the itch to create new soaps right now. The wonderful thing about rebatching is it allows us to have instant gratification during soap making. I just love the freedom it gives us to create new soaps and be able to try them within the hour rather than six weeks later. We are able to offer a large variety frequently because of this process.

I will try to list a weekly tip on rebatching or Soap Making starting today. We are certainly not experts but we have learned the technique over the past few years. We have been rebatching since the beginning of our soap experience.

Even though rebatching allows us to use our soap quickly, you need to have some level of patience during the process. If you try to rebatch your soap on an open flame in a kettle too quickly it will burn! Not to mention is makes a mess and I think your not even suppose to use soap with Cast Iron, which might be the same as cooking it in it, maybe. :-) I use the microwave. It is quick and melts pretty evenly with the right liquid levels. I find the older the soap is the longer and harder it is to rebatch it. This is why we like to have our bases arrive to you shortly after they are created. This allows you to have the easiest rebatching experience and the smoothest bars possible.

But remember to always have fun and Experiment! Soap making truly is an art form.

Feel free to share tips with us too!

In the beginning

What a crazy idea it seemed when my mom and I first decided to make Goat Milk soap together. Our first batch was a 12 pounder and went wonderfully. It was the perfect batch! The oils and fats all cooled evenly and it traced pretty quickly. The second batch was not so lucky and ended up in the trash. Then we got back on track and mastered our skills over time. It has been such a wonderful experience running this business with my mom. We have learned so much along the way and want to give a huge Thank you to all of our loyal customers and new customers as well! Thank you for letting us be part of your family.