Friday, January 11, 2008

Rebatching Tip Week Two

Hello everyone! This is the Weekly Rebatching Tip.

I thought I would go into detail about how to rebatch using the Microwave Method today. This is a long post taking you step by step through the process.

Step one:

Weigh your soap out. This is an optional step but for me I like to weigh so I know I am getting an even amount. In my bowl I can melt a little over two pounds. Today I did 1lb 4.5 oz which makes four good size bars.

Step Two:

Place the soap pieces in a large bowl at least double the size of the soap you place into it (the Soap will bubble). If the soap is super fresh you do not need to cut it up. T
he older the base is the smaller the pieces should be for a more even melting base.

Step Three:

Microwave on High for four minutes. This is how it will look when it comes out after four minutes.
Step Four:

Take soap out of microwave and fold soap into itself. Be sure to break up soap chunks with spatula. Continue to microwave for an additional two minutes, stopping if it bubbles up too much. The first picture is what the soap will look like coming out of the microwave. The second is a photo of what the soap will look like after your stir it with a spatula.

Step Five:

The soap base we used was a week old so it was ready to add our essential oils and Calendula Flowers after six minutes in the microwave. You can add anything you would like at this point. The more liquid you add the longer it will take to dry.
Step Six:

It is ready to go into the mold. I like to use a silicon 8 loaf mold for our soaps. You can use anything from Tupperware to a lined box. I use Vitamin E oil to coat the mold, Once is enough for a few batches.

Step Seven:

After the soap is hard, take it out of the mold. At this point I like to trim it up and make it look a little nicer. Sometimes rebatched soap can look a little to rustic for me.
Here is the finished soap!

As always feel free to ask questions!


Anonymous said...

Most recipes include water to be added with the soap when melting. Do you omit the water altogether using this Microwave Method? Do you "guesstimate" based on how old the soap base is? Thanks from a confused newbie!

Anonymous said...

Our bases are made to order so you do not need to add water or milk until the base is 3-4 weeks old. Usually our customers enjoy their bases before then. :-) If used after this time I would suggest starting with a couple tablespoons at a time during the melting process.
Hope this helps!
~ Pudleduk

Anonymous said...

I can't find a mold like that anywhere!