Sunday, January 6, 2008


We live by the motto "What goes on your Body, Goes in your Body". Which is so true.
Our Skin is our largest organ. It absorbs everything we put on it and allows it to seep into our system. I hate the idea of filling our bodies with more toxins. I mean we really do deal with enough from Environmental pollution and the such.
You should always know what is in your beauty products and generally if you cannot pronounce it or there are more than eight letter research it to know EXACTLY what it is.
But remember just because it is Natural does not mean it is better, I mean Arsenic is Natural but we do not want that in anything we put on our bodies.
Even a simple ingredient like Alcohol can be toxic to our skin. It strips the skin's natural layer, which makes us more open to bacteria. Yuck! Think about that the next time you spray your favorite Body Spray all over you.
Let's not forget about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ployethyelene Glycol (PEG). Pull out your favorite lotion or Beauty product and check out the ingredients. If it contains SLS or PEG; do yourself a favor and walk over to the garbage and throw it right into the can. Your skin will Thank You! The worst news is SLS is found in 90% of Beauty Products bought. You will not find SLS in any of our products by the way.

What is SLS?
Well it is a common ingredient also found in Car Wash, Floor Cleaners anything that foams. It creates really great bubbles that gives the illusion that it must be working. I mean look at all of those fab bubbles they must be doing something right?!?!? Eeeks!
Now for the Big one Ployethyelene Glycol also known as PEG and often followed by a number ex. PEG-8. This chemical is believed to increase your chances of Cancer including Breast Cancer! It is also known for promoting acne.
Let's not forget about Petrlotum commonly found in lotions derived from Mineral Oil. This chemical is believed to cause prematures Aging when used long term.

So go to your current products and check them out. Do they contain these ingredients? If so, consider replacing them with more natural, safer products that promote health and actually repair your skin rather than pollute it with hidden toxins.


outofthepinksky said...

This was quite informative. Thanks for teaching me something new!


I wish more people understood what they are putting on their bodies under the guise of natural. Take advice from this blogger-read the label. If it says SLS or mineral oil, put it back on the shelf and buy from these ladies instead.

shelli said...

Few of our doctors even understand this. Thank you for standing up and sharing it.